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We stock the fashionable Anny Blatt und Bouton d'Or brands form France in a comprehensive selection.

Magazines and Instructions

The most topic designs of Anny Blatt and  Bouton d'Or you will find here on our website. The respective magazines you can order here:

Consulting and Encouragement

Wether in our shop or via telephone or e-mail: we are always on your side, also when it comes to creative questions.

Made to Measure

Any individual creations and designs can be made according to your personal measures.

Worldwide Shipment

All yarns, materials and magazines you can order here. Telephone +49 0 70 44 43 9 62 or info@woll-atelier.de. We will serve you as quick as possible.

Vera Schalberger

The new "Couture" issue featuring elegant and fashionable designs is available now at a price of € 9,90 Order here:

The most beautiful Anny Blatt designs ever - we have compiled them for your delight. You can knit them with today's yarns too. Just have a look!